Mid-South Project Package . . . till they all come home!

How can I help?
We would appreciate any form of help that you would like to offer.  The #1 thing to do is tell your family and friends about us and what we do.  Please share our website with others.  There are so many people who would like to show their appreciation and let our troops know we have not forgotten them, but they do not know what to do.  This is a way and most people are so happy to learn about Project Package.  Here are some suggestions for things we need:

  • Donations of items to put into the care packages.  Please see the wish list. 
  • Ball Teams, Youth Groups, Families, Scouts . . . any group or individual who would like to come volunteer to help fill the packages and get them ready to go out.  Check our locations on the Home page or give Rickey a call at 662-284-8108 or email him at rickey@msprojectpackage.org
  • Donations of money for postage.  The number of care packages we are sending each month is growing.  It costs $11 to send out one package.  To get a current number of packages sent each month, contact Rickey. 
  • You can adopt a service member.  $66 for half a year and $132 for a year.  This would cover the postage.
  • Send pictures, notes or cards.  One of the things we hear the most is how much these things are appreciated and how they look forward to getting a package to see if there is something like this in their package.  Some do not hear from home so it means a lot when someone lets them know they are thinking about them.  If you haven't done so yet, read some of the emails. 
  • Anything that you can imagine you would want if it were you.

Thanks for viewing our website.  We would love to hear from you.  Email us at     rickey@msprojectpackage.org or give us a call 662-284-8108.  Our mailing address is 385 Stateline Rd., Suite 2, Southaven MS  38671.

Click the above link for directions.
(Please note:  We are on Stateline Rd East, however we had to use West for the map to pull up properly.)
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